Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration – not only ads beauty, but a Safety thing!

Did you know that those dull, yellowed headlights on your car are not only ugly, but they’re a safety issue as well?  We don’t want you to have ANY unnecessary risks on the road.  That’s why Action Auto Repair added Headlight Restoration to our list of services.

Here’s why headlight restoration should be on your to-do list:


  • See and be seen
  • Drastically improves driving visibility
  • Increases light projection

#2.) SAVES YOU $$$

  • Eliminates costly headlight replacements (Can cost $200.00 + each)
  • Increases the Resale Value of your car


  • Enhances the appearance of your car – will look YEARS newer
  • Creates a GREAT 1st Impression

Headlight lens restoration is a quick, easy, and cost effective way to keep you car in tip top shape.  Come in today and see better tonight!

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