Rewards Card Program


Action Auto Repair’s Rewards Card Program

Our Rewards Card Program is the BEST Auto Repair Deal Around!  Make sure you sign up for this program when you come in for servicing.  It’s absolutely FREE to our customers and will save you $$$$$!

Physical Rewards Card

Here’s how it works….. Every time you come in to have your car repaired or serviced, we will swipe your Rewards Card. This puts a percentage of what you spent that day (points) on the card for you to use the next time you come in.  The next time we see you, give us your card, and those points are turned in to actual dollars to be deducted from your bill.  What could be easier?

This savings is always available to you and can be used at any time – even with other promotions!

Our Rewards Program is our way of saying “Thank You” to our loyal Action Auto Repair customers.  We really do appreciate you!

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